I’ll be attending this game – IN PERSON – so I’m hoping the Padres put on a good show.  One thing’s been bothering me about Petco Park as I explore all of my food options.  The little free program you get when you walk in has an article about all the new local options you can get – things like Hodad’s and Ballast Point.  It also says that Lucha Libre Taco Shop is available somewhere in Petco, BUT WHERE?!  I’ve searched the Google everywhere and can’t find anything.  Was the original plan to get Lucha Libre and they settled for Bull Taco?  Why can’t I get a surf and turf burrito anywhere in the stadium?  And why did they get rid of Rubio’s in the Mercado?!  I need my shrimp burrito at my seat!  And why the lack of burrito options in general?  Tacos are fine, but burritos are more filling, easier to eat on the go, and just fantastic in general.  Does anyone know where this mythical Lucha Libre is in Petco?  Or is Garfinkel just getting my hopes up for nothing? 

Anyways, Ian Kennedy is pitching.  Hope we decapitate him tonight.  On top of that, Padres Jagoff spies in an EXCLUSIVE captured the below convo involving Ian Kennedy.  He’s really operating on the down low! 


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