As a season ticket holder, wait… sorry… a MEMBER, I obsess over the food options at Petco.  I nagged last season about why, oh why, the Padres would tease us with a Lucha Libre graphic in the April program, and then cruelly yank it away with no explanation from ol’ Tommy Garfinkel.  I actually got a question approved at the season ticket holder meeting a few months ago at Petco where I asked about why we can’t have less Oregonian and Hawaiian beers and more San Diego brews.  I also asked why the food isn’t indicative of San Diego, specifically since Rubio’s got booted out of Petco.  I get it, Filippis and Phils BBQ and Hodad’s are great San Diego joints, but pizza, barbeque and burgers is not what people think when they think San Diego.  Conventioneers and tourists want a taste of San Diego when they visit the ballpark, and when I have a guest visiting, all they really want is a fish taco.  Bull Taco last season was a nice experiment, but the lack of burrito options and the quirkiness of a lobster, bacon and chorizo taco was just not what I was looking for.  As a result, Lolita’s and Valentine’s got much of my business.  Luckily, this year, in a semi-exclusive except the U-T is about to publish it also, EL PUEBLO, another awesome taco joint from Cardiff is stepping in to fill Bull Taco’s shoes.  I have no clue what is on their Petco menu, but come on, knowing El Pueblo, there have to be fish tacos on it.  And a California burrito.  And rolled tacos with guac.  Those items alone would sufficiently represent San Diego to go along with the upcoming Ballast Point Beer Garden.

So, Tom Garfinkel, you are coming through so far.  But don’t go getting complacent.  Padres Jagoff is watching you, and don’t think you’re too high and mighty to get MS Paint’d.


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