Nightmare Before Strasmas

Living in DC for a long time, I had first hand observation of the Strasburg hype once he hit the majors.  Strasmas as it was known.  One Tommy John surgery later, Strasburg isn’t throwing in 3 digits anymore and he looks a lot more mortal this year.  Perfect for the POWERFUL Padres offense to pummel him tonight, which Padres Jagoff will be attending to witness the carnage in person.

It should be discussed how awesome the Padres offense is looking right now.  All of the bit pieces are contributing, and even without Carlos Quentin really providing much of anything, they are producing runs. At what point will Bud realize that Kyle Blanks will hit and field better than Quentin?  I understand we need an enforcer for brawls, but can’t Carlos handle this duty from the dugout?  FREE KYLE BLANKS!


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