Hey, Remember Jim Edmonds on the Padres?

Hey remember the old days when our awesome general manager at the time traded promising 3B prospect David Freese for less than 2 months of sub-mediocre performance by Jim Edmonds?  Then we cut Edmonds, he signed back with the Cardinals, and played about a billion times better than he did here.  Freese played some solid 3B with a lot of clutch hitting into the playoffs.  Meanwhile, the Padres were stuck with no power, mediocre fielding Chase Headley who would go on to hit 4 home runs.  I still remember all the complaining and blame gaming about how we could let a bonafide 3B go for basically nothing while we were stuck with a former prospect that will never pan out.  REMEMBER THOSE DAYS?!?!?!

A gold glove and near MVP campaign later, it’s pretty clear that Headley is the better player.  He’s showing major leadership on the team and backing it up with skills on the field and at the plate.  Freese?  Still a solid player.  But not an MVP caliber player like Headley.  To further analyze this point, I drew up the following hard hitting MATHEMATICAL analysis:

With mathematical analysis like that, it’s pretty much an indisputable fact.  Like there are postulates that can be used in a proof that PROVE this analysis.  I’m glad we have Chase Headley on this team.  Also, Jim Edmonds was the worst.  Jim Edmonds made Adam Hyzdu look like a productive outfielder in comparison.


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