The Diamondbacks are Stupid Jerks

After devoting four hours to watching the game last night, even after forgetting to summon the Rally Unicorn, the Padres played as if the spirit of the treasured Rally Unicorn was within them all.  Coming back twice to force extra innings, my thoughts were “HOW COULD THEY LOSE?!?!!”.  The game was in the bag.  Then I got sleepy and fell asleep in the 10th.  When I woke up this morning, I grabbed my phone, checked the score, and let out a hearty sigh of dissatisfaction.

 Well, tonight’s another night.  A night filled with hope.  A night filled with possible disappointment and resentment.  But at least we get to see Robby Erlin throw a great game and then get sent back down to the minors as a reward again.  Here’s a great pic of Nick Hundley farthammering the D-backs:


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