Blow This Team Up

A lot of talk today on the Tweeters about following the Houston model for blowing up this team and starting over.  First things first, I do not want Josh Byrnes handling this rebuild.  He’s an incompetent blunderer who shouldn’t be trusted with safety scissors, let alone a Major League team.  Second things, what do we really have of value to trade?

Chase Headley: at this point, nearly two years removed from his last good hitting year, we basically have Padres era Joe Randa on our team.  As a short term rental, what do we really think we are going to get for Chase?  He’s a defense first 3B who isn’t going to turn a pennant race on his own at this point.  Good luck getting any kind of decent return.  This is Byrnes’ biggest mistake to date, not trading Headley after the 2012 season at peak value.  It’s clear they had no real plans to sign him long term so why hold onto him?  Just incompetent.

Huston Street: really the only thing we have of value.  Past history has shown that closers aren’t really attracting crazy returns anymore, but if we luck out with someone desperate due to bullpen implosions (Detroit?), it’s possible we could get a couple B level prospects.

Chris Denorfia: trading Norf would suck, but let’s face it, he’s a fourth outfielder.  If we can get a B level prospect for him, take it. 

Beyond that, what do we really have?  People aren’t going to be banging the door down for Eric Stults.  Unlike many, I’m all in favor of trading Austin Hedges for a bonafide impact bat that is Major League ready.  Hedges is swoon worthy for sure, but he’s a defense first catcher with maybe OK hitting skills.  He’s not Buster Posey or Joe Mauer, he’s a solid defensive catcher with great release and arm.  I should reiterate, I do not trust nor want Byrnes dealing Hedges.  But if the right deal comes along, I’d take it.  Of all our prospects, I don’t see Hedges as untouchable. 

After this embarassing series loss to Philadelphia, I think the best we can start hoping for is for the axe to fall on Byrnes and the entire baseball operations staff.  I’m ambivalent on Bud, I don’t think this is his fault and I do think in the past, he’s gotten his undertalented teams to overperform, but if he gets swept up in the frenzy, so be it.  Let’s just get it done so we can have a competent GM handling the rebuild.


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