Podcast 20 – No Marver But Plenty of Padres/Mets Talk, True Detective Chat, and Dick Joke Discussion


The agenda:

After failing to get Marver to do a podcast the past few weeks, I took matters into my own hands.  This means there’s a total lack of production values, amateurish discussion, and a chance to use the Padres Jagoff soundboard for drops!  On this episode of the Gwynntelligence podcast, I bring on Ken Dynamo, founder of Go Mets Die Braves, the original MS Paint baseball related dick pic blog, to discuss the upcoming Mets/Padres series, the Mets in general, and we vehemently defend Season 2 of True Detective for about half the podcast.  Prepare to enjoy less Padres talk, less organization, but more banter!



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