#FireMikeDee Tracker

For a fanbase that has trouble agreeing and uniting behind anything, it is remarkable that the Padres blogosphere has united behind the idea that if the Padres are to ever find greatness, they must remove Mike Dee from the President and CEO position. We all have different reasons for advocating for the firing of Dee, but the conclusion is the same: the Padres need new leadership. This post will aggregate the posts as they get posted in support of the Fire Mike Dee movement. More are coming as the day goes on.


Padres Jagoff: It’s Time To End The Mike Dee Era of Failure and Embarassment

Change The Padres: On Baseball ABCs, Dee Earns F

Padres Public:

Ghost of Ray Kroc: Fire Mike Dee and Earn Respect

William Lybarger: Drop Mike Dee Off Upstate On A Farm

Oscar from AJM: In Defense of Mike Dee

Vocal Minority David: Let’s Look Back At Suggestions from 2012

The Kept Faith: 

Padres Haiku: Done With Dee

Gaslamp Ball:

Jbox: Even Mike Dee Would Probably Fire Mike Dee

Kevintheoman: Mike Dee’s Off-field Mistakes are Unforgiveable
The Friarhood

Steve Adler: Enough is Enough, Fire Mike Dee


4 responses to “#FireMikeDee Tracker

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  3. I applaud you guys for your stance. I have been victimized by Mike Dee, who I thought was a friend. The owners thought they were hiring the second coming of Larry Lucchino and if they’d done enough research, they would have known better. The owners are trying to cover for him publicly but they know the real deal. Keep up the good work.


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