Gwynntelligence Podcast: The Big Mike Janela Interview



After over a week of Marver sitting on this huge exclusive podcast interview, I’m taking it into my own hands in time for your upcoming week’s commute.  Let’s just hope I did it right and it shows up on iTunes.

Gwynntelligence was lucky enough to land an A-list star for an interview; big enough that Padres Jagoff participated in the interview from his hotel room in Rome.  Following his mysterious dismissal by the Padres Front Office as Social Hour host, Mike Janela came onto the Gwynntelligence Podcast to discuss the circumstances of his departure, his time as host, and what he’ll be doing in the future.  Mike will be missed.

In a separate post, we discussed the epilogue of the Mike Janela era.

In other news, as Marver broke on Twitter: the Padres also fired very long time employee Mike Grace as part of the shake up.  These moves reek of C-level executives covering themselves to save their jobs by shifting blame onto their loyal soldiers.

In addition to playing the link below, you can also listen to the the podcast .mp3 file at


You are also strongly encouraged to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


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