This Week In Padres Twitter – 3/10/17


So we are starting a new weekly feature here at Gwynntelligence.  This Week In Padres Twitter will attempt to curate the best blog posts, articles, podcasts and tweets about the Padres each week. This should provide a handy digest of all things interesting and Padres related that can easily get lost on a Twitter feed.

Gwynntelligence blog posts:

Is Zach Lee the most important part of the Padres rotation?

We looked at how a fallen top prospect like Zach Lee may have the most value either in trade or to the next competitive Padres team, and shouldn’t be stuck in AAA to get hack veterans meaningless innings.

Padremon: It’s Back

In the feature no one is clamoring for, Marver brought back his Padres/Pokemon mash up feature.  On the bright side, the more Marver focuses on Pokemon mash ups, the less he can tweet about insurance market risk pools!

Gwynntelligence Podcast: Season Predictions

In the latest podcast episode, we discuss season predictions after getting off track reminiscing about Walter Silva’s brief but notable tenure on the Padres.

Padres Blogosphere posts:

Padres Public: The other catching prospects

Marcus wrote a great review of the non-Hedges catching prospects in spring camp.

Gaslamp Ball: Current Padres Owners are Listed as Top 20 Padres of All Time

Jbox does a great job of capturing just how wrong Bill Center is to anoint Fowler and Seidler as top 20 Padres of all time at this point of The Plan.  Let’s face it, this list is just the worst.  THE WORST.

East Village Times: The Case For Jabari Blash To Start The Season With The Padres

This is self explanatory.

Golden Age of Padres Podcasts:

It was a good week for podcasts with Padres and Pints showing their faces for their twice yearly podcast.  Still waiting for Pads Pod to emerge from hibernation.

Gwynntelligence: put out a new episode this week capturing season predictions

Padres and Pints: interviewed Tabitha Lipkin

The Kept Faith: had noted Richard Christy impersonator and local scribe Bernie Wilson on to talk a range of San Diego sports but not to tell his Shawn Abner stories.

Tweet of the Week:


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