This (Last) Week in Padres Twitter – 3/20/17

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So Marver was supposed to do last week’s edition of This Week in Padres Twitter, but as we’ve all gotten so used to, he disappointed us.  So here I am on a Sunday afternoon, writing last week’s digest thanks to Marver’s callous lack of concern for our readers.  Well here we go!

Gwynntelligence Posts:

We were lazy.  There’s new stuff coming this week, although I realized I could just re-publish my Blash article from last Spring since it’s just as true this season; especially with Margot falling victim to “0.5 soreness out of 10” which will keep him out of action for AT LEAST three weeks here.

Time To Jump On The Blashwagon

Padres Blogosphere Posts:

Padres Public: The Bright Side of Dead Money

Sac Bunt Dustin undertakes a little bit of turd polishing on the massive amount of dead money sitting on the Padres’ 2017 payroll.  Make no mistake, it’s better that we have dead money than worthless players taking up a roster spot.  Obviously, we’d rather we never had the terrible, overpaid players in the first place, but given what transpired in the infamous Offseason Of Dee 2K15, the Padres are in good position.

Gaslamp Ball: Hall of Champions Moving To Petco Park

The Breitbard Hall of Fame is moving into the concourse in Petco Park, which is good.  What is bad is that the Hall of Champions is closing, most artifacts are being auctioned off, and the main thing that’s being displayed in Petco are the induction plaques, not the library of artifacts.  This is not the Hall of Champions moving, it is only the Breitbard Hall of Fame.  Still, it’ll be nice to have more history on display at Petco. Finally, Red Sox great Ted Willams can be recognized within the walls of Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres.

Fangraphs: Alan Zinter on Swing Planes

In an interview with the Padres hitting coach Alan Zinter, who has passion dripping from his lips, is a fascinating look at hitting philosophy and physics.

Gaslamp Ball: Padres Sign Osvaldo Hernandez

Jodes wrote a great summary of the Padres signing Cuban pitcher Osvaldo Hernandez. As an aside, I’m excited about having someone on the Padres with the name Osvaldo.

East Village Times: Who Should Close For the Padres, Capps or Maurer?

I’d argue neither.  The fact that the local media refuses to report on Capps’ velocity should be a red flag because trust me, if he was hitting 98 mph like he used to, team employees would never shut up about it.  Our only true data point, since local scribes refuse to ask the question, is what Balsley reported in a Darren Smith interview that he’s in the low 90s.  Maurer isn’t as good as Hand or possibly Buchter.  In fact, Maurer really wasn’t good, period, last season.

Golden Age of Padres Podcasts:

The Kept Faith: Abby Hamblin from the U-T

I’ve heard rumors that TKF will have their biggest guest yet this week.

Make The Padres Great Again

Craig and John take on the legend of Jabari Blash.  In unrelated news, I went to Iron Fist Brewery in Vista this weekend, forgot to mention John’s name for my 10% discount, and overheard the bar staff discussing the relative benefits of the Fleshlight, America’s favorite polymer jizzin’ tube.  The tap room is pretty standard, and I imagine the new Barrio Logan one blows this away.  The vaunted patio wasn’t overly appealing, but I liked all the space for me and my wiener dog.  The Nelson pale ale was good, the Spice of Life wasn’t my cup of tea, but I’m sure I’ll be back.  It did seem that some of the beers that John has lauded are only available at Barrio Logan.

Tweet of the Week:

Just an update, Margot still isn’t playing, AT BEST, may come back next weekend which would be 3 weeks injured.  And Sanders wonders why we ask about things like hey, maybe get an MRI?  Instead, we get sass and talked down to by local scribes that don’t actually add any analysis, they just repeat whatever team employees tell them as gospel.  These guys would have reported on the wire taps at Trump Tower as fact, no questions asked; “THE PRESIDENT SAID SO SORRY YOU DON’T LIKE THE ANSWER!”

Also, an oldie but goodie that i’d forgotten about from January, but is so great that it needs to be recognized here.



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