This Week In Padres Twitter – 4/21/17

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So while I was traveling to Atlanta to watch the Padres play the Braves at Suntrust Park, SHOCKINGLY Marver didn’t post last week’s This Week In Padres Twitter.  Before we get too deep into things, let’s go to the hot new feature that’s sweeping Padres Twitter: Days Since Marver Has Actually Written Something

Days Since Marver Has Actually Written Something: 45 days

While this also means we are at least 45 days past when Marver could write some terrible Pokémon themed post, it also reflects the fact that Marver wasn’t able to podcast this week despite this author being willing to do so from the shores of Waikiki.  Let’s move past Marver’s many failings and focus on This Week In Padres Twitter.

Gwynntelligence Posts:

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey Heads To The Dirty South

While it wasn’t posted to, I wrote a lengthy recap over at Gaslamp Ball of my weekend with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey in Atlanta for the unveiling of Suntrust Park.  My basic finding from that trip is that Suntrust Park will likely be an underrated park among fans due to it’s unfair branding as “too generic”.

Padres Blogosphere Posts:

Padres Public: Is Austin Hedges Still A Great Pitch Framer

While Austin Hedges looks could launch a thousand ships, Sac Bunt Dustin shows that his framing skills may be coming in a little less effective than advertised.  Of course, this was a bigger issue when he started the season 0 for 19, but still, the fragility of the framing skill, either due to declining skills, umpire overcompensation, or goddamned robot umps, is a little alarming.  I noted on Twitter some drastic differences between Baseball Prospectus’ framing stats and Stat Corner’s, but any decline in Hedges’ defensive value is potentially a major issue.

Voice of San Diego: Why You’re Hearing the Padres On The Station That Plays Sublime and Nirvana

Kept Faith contributor and noted local celebrity and man about town Dallas McLaughlin wrote a post discussing the Padres flagship radio station switching over to FM 94.9.  Dallas provides a great viewpoint as a former radio personality, as well as someone that interviewed for a position with Padres Radio.  I wrote a couple scathing posts about the early stages of Rich Herrera and FM 94.9’s handling of the Padres, and now 3 weeks into the season, it’s fair to take another look at how things are going.  The pregame show was cut down to 30 minutes, but in reality, is coming in somewhere around 25 minutes including commercials.  The actual play by play with Uncle Teddy and Agler is fine, but the cut-in’s with Herrera are sloppily produced with frequent audio issues.  In general, I haven’t found the pre or postgame shows to be compelling, or to provide anything worthwhile enough to stay tuned in.  These shows also are filled with mispronunciations, editing and mixing erorrs, and in general, sloppy production.  If someone that was less terrible on-air than Herrera took the time to produce a daily podcast that was essentially a postgame show of the prior day’s game combined with a pregame for the next game, I’d pay for it.  I’d happily pay for a subscription.  I’m looking at you Woods. Luis Robert Cleared To Sign May 20

This would be the capstone to the AJ Preller international strategy.  Robert is a power hitting outfielder that can maybe play CF with 60 FV power.  The only thing that would prevent the Padres from signing him is cheaping out on him.  The Padres are already under penalty for overspending on international market players.  Robert could go for $10-15M, or for the Padres, double that with penalties.  Ron Fowler went on 1090 this week and lamented that they already had to do a cash call from owners to pay for what they’ve acquired already (which when totaled with their 2017 payroll is still below what Forbes shows they should be able to afford on a year-to-year cash flow basis).  If the Padres don’t sign Robert, the only excuse is that Fowler and Seidler were unwilling to pay his price, which would be a reversion back to same old Padres.  Let’s hope they do the right thing.  Let’s also remember that they will save tons of money during the international penalty years so live in the now and spend today.

The Golden Age of Padres Podcasts:

The Kept Faith: Hacksaw Is Back!

Look, I’m a big Hacksaw fan, but the best part of this week’s The Kept Faith podcast was the frank discussion of the Padres tanking strategy.  Dallas and Nick say what many of us have been thinking: that tanking is a smart long term strategy for the team, but it’s ridiculous that we keep calling it fun.  Losing isn’t fun.  It’s easy to say, hey this losing is more fun than the Padres lost with crusty, lame veterans, and it’s not an untrue statement.  But if the crusty veterans losing 95 games was a 1 on the Fun-o-meter (TM), and this losing is a 3 on the Fun-o-meter (TM), just because its more fun than rock bottom doesn’t mean it’s necessarily fun.  I am firmly in the camp that has lobbied for the team to do a full rebuild, and I’m patient enough to see it through, but that doesn’t mean I think watching 100 losses is fun.

East Village Times Podcast: Bernie Wilson

Bernie Wilson cracks me up.  His drawl is enough to get me going.  EVT did a great podcast with him this week.  I have to say, my favorite part was when Bernie went off the expected path and I could just imagine hosts James and Patrick’s teeth gnashing at Bernie not staying on message.

Pads Pod: Rah, Rah, Sis-Boom-Bah

Holy christ Pads Pod lives.  Let me preface this by saying the Pads Pod anthem for the 2017 Padres is amazing (it’s played in its entirety at the end of this episode).  The Pads Pod crew digs into why this roster is just so lovable, and they are!  I’m not embarrassed to say that I missed Pads Pod and hope they don’t turn into Padres and Pints and their once a Summer Solstice recording schedule.

Tweet of the Week:

And this week’s Jaggy goes to:

Terrible Marver Tweet Of The Week:

Let’s not forget about which of the Gwynntelligence writers went to a safety school(here’s a hint, it’s not the writer that enjoys drawing big, meaty dongs in MS Paint).






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