Introducing TatisCoin: Padres Twitter’s very own cryptocurrency

There is little doubt that the global economy is moving towards widespread use of digital, blockchain-based currencies. The question is no longer whether it will happen: rather, when, and in what form. You may have heard of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DogeCoin. While these and others have their merits, they all lack one critical characteristic that is vital for a future economy: sex appeal. To Padres fans, the king of sex appeal is self apparent Fernando Tatis Jr. This leads us to a natural conclusion: A Tatis-themed cryptocurrency. Luckily for all of you, I have created TatisCoin, the world’s first blockchain-based cryptocurrency inspired by Tatis Jr. In this post, I will detail what TatisCoin is exactly; how you can acquire some yourself; what you should use it for; and, finally, what the future may hold for TatisCoin.

With one semester of an introductory programming class under my belt, I scoured the internet to learn how I can revolutionize international monetary systems and Padres Twitter at the same time. One-and-a-half hours later, I successfully created and deployed TatisCoin. Here are some technical specifications of TatisCoin:

  • Name: TatisCoin
  • Symbol: $BEBO
  • Decimal places: 0 (you cannot divide TatisCoins, and may only hold or transfer whole coins)
  • Amount of tokens in circulation: 1 sextillion (10^21)
  • Standard: ERC20 (Ethereum based)

An important technical thing to note (that doesn’t actually effect how any of you will use TatisCoin) is that it is deployed on the Ropsten Test Network, not the main Ethereum Network. This is because it costs money to deploy to the main network and to transfer coins, which I did not want to impose on myself or the users of TatisCoin. This means that TatisCoin has no real value, and cannot be used as a token for real use on Ethereum network. Beyond the fact that it would be really stupid to pay someone for TatisCoin since there is no real application beyond shitposting, the moment there is a real dollar market for the token I will massively inflate the supply and instantly make it worthless.

This may lead you to ask, what is the point of TatisCoin? Well, first of all, I already answered this above: to make a sexy currency to disrupt the global finance system. In reality I imagine its use as a currency on Padres Twitter (and any other communities) to shitpost with, exchange favors, make bets, flex their “wealth”, and anything else you could possibly want

Oh, also, I own all 1 sextillion TatisCoin right now.

How do I acquire some TatisCoin?

It will take a little technical savvy, but here is the comprehensive step-by-step guide that even boomers like @C_LosR can follow:

First, you need to make a wallet compatible with TatisCoin. I use and highly recommend MetaMask, a browser-based wallet that is a breeze to set up. It is one of the most widely-used and trusted wallets out there. It works by installing an extension into your browser, and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge, along with iOS and Android phones. Navigate to MetaMask Download to get started.

  1. Click download and follow your browser’s instructions
  2. Click “Create a Wallet” when you land on the “New to MetaMask?” page
  3. Agree to the terms of service. Again, they are very reputable and trusted, but if you don’t believe me then do your own research.
  4. Create your password
  5. Set up and backup your emergency recovery phrase if you care, or you can just skip it
  6. Press the x on the token swapping pop-up box

You should now be looking at this page:

Now we get to the fun part.

  1. Click the Ethereum Mainnet drop down box at the top right of your screen, and select the “Ropsten Test Network”.
  2. At the bottom of the page click “Add Token”, then in the dialogue box click “Custom Token”
  3. Paste the following string into the “Token Contract Address” box: 0xdb47c1438d6638dcef630118a819ca31c64cef30
  4. The other boxes should automatically fill out (with the token symbol being BEBO and the decimals of precision being 0)
  5. Click next, then add token.

You’re finally all set up! However, as I own all of the TatisCoin in circulation currently, I need to give you some coins. To do this is very simple:

  1. At the top of the page shown above, if you hover over “Account 1” you can copy your wallet “address” (you can think of this as your Venmo @ or your bank’s routing number / your account number combined into one)
  2. Direct message me, @TheChamner on Twitter, your address or mention me in a tweet with your address
  3. I will send you 10,000 TatisCoin to get you started, free of charge! A minute after I start the transaction you should see it in your account, but I have to manually do this so you might have to wait until I have some time.

That’s it! You’ve officially joined the movement. Your account will soon look like this:

How do I use / transfer / spend TatisCoin?

This is the first version of TatisCoin, so the functionality is restricted to users transferring coins back and forth to eachother via your wallets in MetaMask. However, it costs “Ethereum” (because we’re on a test network, this Ethereum is not the real Ethereum that is near $2000 per coin) to make a transaction occur. Luckily, because this is all fake, you can get some fake test Ethereum to use in sending coins to one another through MetaMask’s test Ether Faucet (faucets are just webpages where you can get free crypto).

When on your MetaMask homepage AND you have the Ropsten Test Network selected:

  1. Click on your ETH balance
  2. Click Buy
  3. Select the “Get Ether” button in the second option called the Test Faucet. A new browser page will open to Test Ether Faucet (

You should see this:

Click the green “request 1 ether from faucet” button. A pop-up page will appear somewhere asking you to link your MetaMask account with this faucet. Click the Next button, then Connect, and you should have your first fake ETH on its way to your account! You can keep requesting as many Ether as you want, but you only need a tiny fraction for each transaction you want to make. Your wallet should now look like this:

And you’re 100% set up, ready to go! You can send TatisCoin to whatever account address you want by clicking the “send” button and pasting in the address you wish your TatisCoin to go to. You just select BEBO as the asset, type in your desired amount, hit next then confirm and your transaction has been sent!

What is the future of TatisCoin?

Because this is based on Ethereum, the potential is infinite. With the emergent technology of smart contracts, we could theoretically do anything. Some ideas of mine:

  1. Add the ability to bet with other users through the blockchain, where you both pre-agree to the terms and the payout is executed automatically once the condition is met.
  2. Integrate MLB’s stats API to be able to make smart contracts based off of real-life baseball stats — AKA, real-time integration of MLB games to TatisCoin contracts and bets.
  3. Have TatisCoins generate for a variety of reasons, which would make it possible for all of you to make TatisCoin without me manually sending it to you.
  4. Build an economy based on memes and shitposting that takes over the internet

I would love any of your ideas and suggestions! This is only the beginning of what will surely mark a new era of……the universe.


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