Here Comes Yu Darvish & Blake Snell


For Yu Darvish, this was a start his team needed him to perform. He was just about perfect. He made one mistake, so close enough. For Blake Snell, he had no hitter stuff. He was nasty and in the zone. Yes, he walked three, but he often was ahead early and putting guys away. Both struck out everyone. Being liberal with the Ks has been missed around here for a little too long. The 25 this tandem just put up should satiate the needy.


The Padres kicked off August with a “more of the same.” They play brilliant for three fourths the week, but then Friday night happens and you question everything. Or worse, you call in to a radio show. You know you are a lost soul when you call into a radio show. Call in a podcast instead. Certainly you gotta know someone.

They have started August 4-2. As dire as things were after the Friday night meltdown, they are playing pretty good baseball and are off to a decent start. This is a month they realistically need to win 16-17 games to try and hang in the NL West. These upcoming series with the Marlins, Diamondbacks again and then the Rockies are a solid chance to get this month rolling and the team looking like a serious post season club.

Do not look at the Giants. Pay no attention to the fact that they are 30 games over .500. The Padres are 15 games over .500 and look poised to push it to 20 this week. No really, sometimes you just have to speak this shit into existence. There is no doubt in my mind the Giants are using some hoodoo or something crazy to keep winning with their collection of old asses. *cough – BALCO lives -cough *

The Padres also received some positive news concerning Fernando Tatis Junior and his shoulder injury. He should be back just after his 10 day IL trip and possibly playing a new position? I don’t understand moving Tatis to the outfield at all. Outfielders dive on a daily basis and run into walls, fences, teammates, swarms off bees, etc. Of the Padres are serious about moving Tatis to protect his shoulder they should move him to first. It’s the safest position and they finally address benching Hosmer. Can you imagine the stretch plays he will make? Do you need a cigarette?

The pitching is what’s going to drive this playoff chase. Yu Darvish and Blake Snell seemed to have got the message. The bullpen is adding Daniel Hudson this week. And Dinelson Lamet will join the pen soon as well. But the starters, the big three, we need those horses to start pulling this wagon to the post season. I have no idea who is going to help them as Paddack is hurt and Weathers looks pretty lost right now. But someone will. Can they send Gore back to El Paso and get him ready?

Reiss Knehr will make a couple more opening starts and my friend Jed will have a conniption. This fact means almost nothing to anyone but it does crack me up when fans get pissed when the team has to bring up a decent minor league arm to open a game here and there during a long season. Really, it is fine and the bullpen is so deep it makes sense to play to the strength. And if you want the name of a prospect arm to watch for it’s Joe Beimel. The 44 year old is currently carving them up in San Antone and could join the big league team when needed.

They just need to get Paddack back and going six inning per start. Weathers is probably down to his last few starts if he can’t get outs. If ever there was a time for an advanced, highly regarded and at the peak of readiness prospect pitching for this organization! I’m not saying Mackenzie Gore needs to step up, but my god, does he ever have a golden opportunity to step up right here. So?

What truly is needed here is a hype video. This team needs some hype! It is time for this team to get it into gear and a hype video fills the bill. And so I have just the video. Justice Parman (@justice_parman) is creating incredible Padres video content and this week’s was just brilliant. Check out the YouTube video here:

The Twitter post is below. I’m so hyped right now I’m ready for six wins this week. Big six!


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