Gut Punch City

I started blogging this season mostly because I wanted to get back to writing and try to produce some content regularly. But I also thought this would be a fun season to do so. The ‘20 team was so much fun and you could see the potential in this team. And then the winter additions to the starting pitching staff really kicked up enthusiasm for this team. April was great. May too. June was okay but July not so much. Then August happened.

Now no one is having fun. Fernando Tatis Junior? I can’t even remember his smile, it’s been that long. And can they please just move him back to short? If he gets hurt, let it be because he was doing what he loves to do. MLB would much rather see him happy playing baseball. Have you noticed how quickly he has dropped out of the headlines? There’s just not much to say. Unless you want to sell unhappy stories. It’s very obvious he’s got those to tell right now.

Thank the baseball gods Jurickson Profar brought his megawatt smile back because this team was about to be clinically depressed. Jurickson also brought his bat as he had a great week. He was joined by only Wil Myers. Wil is having a pretty nice August. It’s good someone is. Manny Machado is hurting. You can see him wince from time to time when that shoulder stings. He probably should take some time off. He won’t, but he should. Maybe put Tatis there if you are so worried about him getting hurt at short. I’m sure he would have a little fun at third until his friend is ready to go and he can then just slide over to short for the rest of the season.

The pitching looks to be coming back. Is it too late? They can’t catch the Giants or anyone else leading the West, but they can take the Reds. I mean, come on, it’s the Reds. The Padres are much better than the Reds. Right? The Reds? Come on! Anyway, Chris Paddack is back so we ride! Saddle up! Let’s go wrassle some Diamondbacks. I can’t believe I am looking forward to what Paddack can do now that he is no longer under the oppressive regime of the dark Lord Rothschild. Return to ‘19’s first half form maybe?

Maybe this season wasn’t supposed to be all fun and easy. Maybe the team and the front office had some lessons to learn about being a World Series contender. Sure, those things can be picked up this season, but perhaps they need an off-season to adjust and come back better and more prepared. Maybe. I still like this team though. I think they can still contend. I just heaved everything I had after last week’s debacle. And that was after the previous gut busting punches I took from the week before. I can take it. My core actually needs the workout. Bring it on.


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