A Deadline and a Drive

Flags fly forever

As I open my drafts I realize I have had plenty to say this season and not enough time to finish my thoughts. I had hoped to write weekly, but lately it feels more weakly. I know why I am inconsistent as time spent with my granddaughter is time away from writing. I prefer to spend my time with Scarlett. It’s a much better investment. Besides, not much is going on with my Padres. There was the trade deadline, ho hum. And now the stretch drive to the playoffs. Whatever.

Whatever? This is what I wish for every season! A potent line-up, a solid rotation, a deep bench and a shut down bull pen is dream come true. The Padres are in sole possession of the third wildcard spot and it is time to make the push for the post-season. Peter Seidler has a vision of winning the World Series and with Pete’s major investment, AJ Preller has executed a plan to make that possible. The roster is complete and probably the best ever assembled. Sure you can what if for slight improvements to say the catchers or center field. But there really are no weaknesses. And marginal improvements may have been costly at other positions and possibly leave the roster less complete. Fernando Tatis Jr. is now days away from his return. It’s time to unleash the full power of this devastating club.

The deadline was far from ho hum. It was freaking awesome. Juan Soto is a Padre. That is amazing to write. Adding him to a lineup with Manny Machado and Tatis? Unreal. Josh Bell is now manning first base. I forget who used to be there, I’m fairly certain he was utterly forgettable too. Josh Drury is a nice bench piece/DH. And Josh Hader is probably the best closer the Padres have ever had. This team is loaded. I no longer just expect some wins and a good effort in the playoffs. I expect a World Series win. I don’t care if the Yankees are stacked. I don’t mind the dodgers spanking the Pads ass all weekend. None of it matters because this team is going to play to its ability and finally being home a championship. I can feel it.

There is two months remaining of the regular season. Fifty one games. It’s time to pass the Braves and secure the number four seed. A home playoff series is just the ticket for all of Pete’s investment. Preller’s dizzying deadline work is going to payoff big. I’m predicting 92 wins for the season. They could win more. It’s a great time to be a Padres fan. Scarlett and I are going to enjoy every minute of it. I’ve waited my whole life for a championship. And so has she. Let’s get it San Diego. Let’s win a ring.

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