Dodgers Fans Hate the Handicapped

Obviously the Padres and Dodgers have an awesome rivalry, capped off by the time in 1996 when the Padres swept the Dodgers at the end of the season to steal the division title and go on to be swept by the Cardinals in the 1st round of the playoffs.  Up in the 300 sections, the Doyers fans were vocal as always.  The best part was when a poor guy with one foot in a walking cast and armed with a crutch tried to go up the 25 stairs to his seat in the middle of section 303.  The Dodgers fans started chanting “Tiny Tim!  Tiny Tim!  Tiny Time” as this poor guy was struggling up one stair at a time.  I felt bad for him, but I also like laughing at other people’s misfortune so I had a good guffaw at his expense.  Good times.


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