Todd Helton Has A Secret Talent! Padres win!

As the Padres head to Colorado after a tough weekend where they continually got crushed, struck out, lost in mind boggling fashion, and in general destroyed fan confidence, we can only hope for better as fans.  Luckily, they might be able to actually hit in Colorado.  Tonight, the Padres had 14 hits, crushed a few doubles, and Cory Luebke shut down the Rockies lineup and helped my fantasy team.  All in all, a great win.  Considering how crappy the loss was last night, I think bouncing back is a testament to Bud’s managing. 

Of course, when the Padres play Colorado, they need to beware of Todd Helton.  As this photo shows, he’s got a voracious appetite for peen.  Padres batters need to be award of Helton’s grabby hands at first base also.  Word has it that he is handsy.


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