Jayson Werth is thirsty!

The Padres are playing the Nats this week – the 1st place Nats – though I’d never say that after watching the Nats in DC since they moved there in 2005.  Despite our 2 game winning streak, Gio Gonzalez just blew through our lineup, striking out pretty much everyone.  Meanwhile, Clayton Richard looked decent until he had his requisite blow up inning and gave up two runs, an INSURMOUNTABLE deficit with this year’s Padres.  And we are stuck listening to Andy Masur on FSSD.  It doesn’t get worse.  Can we trade Mark Kotsay for Matt Vasgersian?  I’d be willing to throw in O-dog also. 

Jayson Werth is my favorite player to hate, going back to his Doyer days.  He does get awfully thirsty when he’s bathing in the Southern California sun, although personally, I prefer a nice brewdog to quench the thirst when it’s nice out.


One response to “Jayson Werth is thirsty!

  1. this is by far and away Padres Jagoff's undisputed masterpiece to date. i especially like how the cup o' semen matches the nationals road uniforms. looks like jayson werth(less) was really thirsty today too. he got the double venti.


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