After Summer Hiatus, Padres Jagoff is Back. AND Social Media Night Recap from 3 Weeks Ago.

After a brief summer hiatus, Padres Jagoff is back to provide plenty of dick pics.  A lot happened during the hiatus, including Padres Jagoff’s big debut to the Padres blogosphere at Social Media Night.  It was a pleasure meeting the Padres Public crew, specifically Sacrifice Bunt Melvin.  I also may have accidentally stirred up some hard feelings by telling John Gennaro that I really liked him on the old Friarhood podcasts he did with Steve Adler I used to listen to while living in DC.  Apparently I missed some exciting Gennaro/Adler drama postgame.  Oh well.  Sac Bunt Melvin was surprised that I had been reading his stuff for years, apparently unaware of the complete dearth of Padres coverage while living on the east coast which would lead me to read any and all Padres blogs.  Super nice dude also.  One of the real highlights was meeting the legend himself, Jbox, of Gaslamp Ball fame.  I first accused Jon from Gaslamp Ball of being the secretive Jbox, because really, what do I know.  After vetting me first and running my credentials, Jon invited me over to Jbox’s exclusive table to meet the godfather of Padres blogging.  After shaking hands and sharing a few yuks about dick jokes, chatting about the loss of the GLB mentor Tom Garfinkel, and lamenting the recent Padres struggles, we got into my push to bring back the Rally Unicorn ™, which served as a rallying cry for Padres fans across the nation.  I discussed how the posting of the Rally Unicorn ™ in the game chats on GLB would bring a tear to my eye back in the day and promised to draw up a prototype for the 2013 incarnation of the Rally Unicorn ™.  I’ll get to that sometime.  I also impressed Jbox with my story of walking up to the Asian guy with glasses in a Padres jersey at Social Media Night and thinking he was Dex.  THAT’S RAYCESS.  All in all, from the 6 minutes we chatted, I think Jbox and Padres Jagoff are well on our way to being best pals forever. 

After scouring the Padres blogs the next morning for Social Media Night recaps, I was thrilled to see Gaslamp Ball included a nice paragraph about our meeting, with a picture of my miniature dachshund pooping in front of the Rockies dugout during the doggy parade before the game.  Unfortunately, it appears that BIG SPORTS BLOG has forced GLB to remove all mention of Padres Jagoff and my prowess drawing genitalia in MS Paint.  The Man wins again.

Anyways, the Padres are winning kind of again.  It was only the Brewers, but we are headed into a tough stretch that will hopefully see the team at least hold their own.  Nothing would be better than pounding the stupid Yankees and their blowhard fans.  Tonight, the Padres are taking on poo poo Randall Delgado.  Here’s a quick pic of his newest pitch – part javelin, part dildo, all business.


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