Padres Look for First Spring Win

Well at least we can’t lose our reigning Vedder Cup CHAMPIONSHIP during Spring Training.  The Padres dropped their first two spring games in embarassing fashion to the Mariners, but there were many bright spots.  Andrew Cashner dressed the deer and pummeled the stupid Mariners today, Cory Spangenberg showed off his range in the field, and the Padres offense is really saving their energy and production for the regular season.  That’s good planning!

I love seeing the people that are legitimately overreacting about early spring performances and freaking out on the Tweeter.  These guys just finished a solid 4 months of eating cheeseburgers and justifying it by doing a token 15 minutes of lifting weights.  Just ask Jesus Montero! 

On Saturday the Padres take on the hated (?) Royals and look for their first victory of 2014.  I’m too lazy to check who’s pitching for us but I’m sure it’s someone great.  [Editors note: it’s Ian Kennedy which is awesome].  Unfortunately, no TV for almost a week but whatever.  Radio is the theater of the mind. 

On an unrelated note, Wayne Partello, Padres bigwig, actually recognized this blog’s existence.  Closet MS Paint Padres related dong picture lover?  DEFINITELY. 


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