Padres To Keep the Roll Going Versus Stupid Rockies and Buttface Troy Tulowitzki

After a riveting and hilarious victory last night over the putrid Rockies, the Padres are set to keep the roll going against their hated rivals tonight.  Led by Rowdy Robbie Erlin, I really can’t see any way they’ll lose.  They are slowly clawing their way towards .500 and have a firm grasp on the coveted 3rd place spot in the standings.  Things are really coming up Padres!  The only real problem is Bud Black’s continued insistence on putting Alexi Amarista into CF, and worse, 2nd in the lineup.  I’m sure ol’ sabermetric Bud is all like, HEY, Lil’ Ninja is 2nd on the team in OPS (After NICK HUNDLEY), I’m just using the math.  Let’s face it, we all love him because he’s the Tyrion Lannister of the team.  But even Tywin knows not to put Tyrion 2nd in his jousting lineup.  Alexi is a great end of the bench option that can play a lot of positions.  He’s not a batting star, and really embodies jack of many, expert at none.  At this point, I think it’s fair to argue that Will Venable in CF is a superior option with some combination of Tommy Medica, Kyle Blanks and even Jeff Francoeur in RF.  Francoeur might be kind of washed up, but he can still field the position and there’s more upside to his hitting than there is for Alexi.  So come on Bud, Ghost of Ray Kroc is going to have a coronary if you don’t do something about this.  Do it for him. 


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