Staring .500 in the Face – BEAT THE SUPER LAME ROCKIES

After an all around crushing victory by the Padres last night, led by totally awesome Andrew Cashner, future mayor of San Diego, the Padres have clawed to within one win from the vaunted .500 mark.  This means big things for the team.  Mainly the people that jumped off the tiny bandwagon at the start of the season may start trying to jump back on.  We’ll make room, it’s fine.  If they win today, it’s like the season is starting all over again this weekend against the stupid Giants.  Son of Troy Ian Kennedy is on the mound today, let’s hope he doesn’t keep up his weakest link act and shuts down the Rockies.  CarGo hasn’t really gotten going and hopefully they can keep it that way.  The Padres face complete nobody Franklin Morales who seems much more interested in satisfying his base instincts than throwing dominating pitches (see above!).  I fully expect Jedd Gyorko to have 5 RBIs today as he is just getting warmed up for his RBI night on his jersey night Saturday. 

Here at Padres Jagoff HQ, we are looking at debuting a new mythological rally animal, IF NEEDED for today.  We will also be at the game after several hours of downtown binge drinking.  Come join, I have a Southpaw Social Livingsocial voucher to burn today.  Go Padres!


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