Coming Down To Earth

Puig Sabroso

After their brief flirtation with being relevant in the NL wild card race, the Padres have reverted back to their 1st half form.  The offense has fallen into the toilet, the pitching is going well but isn’t getting the support it needs, and Bud Black is still making maddening managerial decisions.  Even more frustrating, we are failing with hack veterans like Will Venable in the lineup instead of possibly important future pieces like Rymer Liriano playing every game.  Bud Black is still sending Eric Stults out there instead of giving starts to some of the young pitchers that have gotten called up.  If there was going to be a silver lining to this season, it was going to be the chance for AJ Preller to evaluate the performance at the big league level of many of the younger prospects.  At the very least, I think Padres fans are seeing ample evidence that Cory Spangenberg may be a contributing member of the 2015 squad.

I think we also are finding that Everth Cabrera may not be in the Padres 2015 plans after all following his hilariously sad arrest for DUI.  Just when you thought the season couldn’t be any worse, that happens.

The Padres are going into an away series versus the hated Dodgers where we can only expect the offense to flourish when they face highly mediocre pitcher Clayton Kershaw tonight.  To help spur on the team, it was time to go back to Padres Jagoff basics and concentrate on drawing dongs on stupid Yasiel Puig.


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