Gwynntelligence Podcast – Know your foe: Rockies

Gwynntelligence Podcast Cover Art

The “agenda”:

  1. Tyler Maun, writer and co-host of the Colorado Rockies podcast, the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, joins the podcast.
  2. The Rockies Offseason
  3. 2016 Rockies: Youth or compete?
  4. The Rockies’ window and how that may affect the Padres
  5. What is a successful 2016 for the Rockies?
  6. PETCO Park v. Coors Field and how that changes draft strategy
  7. Uniforms, concerts at the park, and social media
  8. Rockies Twitter and Denver Media
  9. The Colorado Padres and San Diego Rockies
  10. Larry Walker, Todd Helton, Trevor Hoffman and the Hall of Fame

In addition to playing the link below, you can also listen to the the podcast .mp3 file at


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