Padres messenger Dan Sileo advocates for having “a fall guy”, plays edited clip to deny he did

Now that I’m fully entrenched in the Eastern Time Zone, the Dan Sileo Show occupies the sweet spot of my morning: nine to noon. As someone who always works with headphones blaring – music or talk radio – this has presented me with a reasonable opportunity to hear San Diego sports news while working. (Jim Rome doesn’t exactly focus on Padres or Chargers.)

So, yeah: I’ve been listening to Sileo. After all, he does get a pretty decent list of Padres personnel on his show. That’s probably because Sileo openly asks for free gear and free tickets on the air in-between floating softball questions; that’s their not-so-secret handshake agreement. (It was no coincidence that Dee ceased interviews with Darren Smith in favor of Dan Sileo, either due to Dee wanting softer questions or Darren not wanting to deal with Dee’s nonanswers.) And let’s not forget that Sileo now runs the Padres pre-game show. He is the Padres chief messenger on 1090. But I digress…

At the very least, I’m listening to Sileo so you guys don’t have to!

And yes, Sileo is bad. He still talks about his playing days, the U, and Miami way too much. Literally saying the word Miami on air in San Diego makes no sense unless you’re talking about an upcoming game against the Dolphins or Marlins. (No one gives a flying fuck about Miami sports in San Diego, Sileo.)

At any rate, I’ve started tweeting out what Dan says. I’m not doing it to target Dan Sileo, per se, but to give him the same fair shake I give everyone else in the media: Elsten, Kaplan, Crayonepa, Corey Brock (RIP), and so on.

For those who don’t know or haven’t listened to Dan Sileo, his self-censorship ability ranks somewhere between Louie C.K. and BoJack Horseman. If I were his boss, there’d be a long list of “do not discuss” topics for which I’d instruct his producer to mute his microphone … too long to list here.

So it should be to no surprise that the topic of Jason Pierre-Paul and fireworks caused some head-scratching.

Here’s what Dan Sileo said:

After hearing the clip, and finding it mildly absurd, I tweeted out what I heard:

And that was that. No one responded. I’m not sure anyone even favorited it. It was just another case of Sileo saying whatever shit popped up in his head, and everyone had heard it way too much to care.

Except Sileo, apparently.

Imagine my surprise when just two days later, Sileo opens a segment talking about someone who mistook his sarcasm for actual advocacy. “Me?” I thought? Upon closer inspection of his mentions, it turns out that it actually was me, as no one else had mentioned his comment. (Spare me your “he doesn’t have two listeners” jokes.)

At first, I was stunned. The clip didn’t sound entirely like sarcasm, but okay … the fact you’re clarifying it on the air is alright. I’ll give you a pass.

But that’s not where it ended. Sileo apparently wanted to prove that he hadn’t actually stated what I tweeted he stated, so he decided to play the original clip.

Let me try that again.

Sileo apparently wanted us to believe that he hadn’t actually stated what I tweeted he stated, so he decided to play an incredibly truncated/edited version of the clip, which didn’t actually include the mildly controversial “sarcasm”.

It’s difficult to make out exactly what was and was not what Sileo originally said because he talks over the five seconds of original clip he plays, but you get the point: he never plays the part about him advocating – sarcastically or not – for Cris Carter speaking at his daughter’s middle school.

He does, however, decide it’s totally cool to go “off-the-rails Dan Sileo” and say that Cris Carter “is a fraud”, used drugs, doesn’t practice what he preaches, and is like Bob Knight … and then talks about how an LSD allegation would “get his ass fired”.

Let’s go ahead and list some of Dan Sileo’s accomplishments:

  • Got kicked out of Maryland for throwing a student out of a window.
  • Got fired from WDAE-AM in 2012 for calling Vincent Jackson, Cortland Finnegan, and Jonathan Vilma monkeys:

If they get those three monkeys, I’m good.

  • Got fired from WQAM-AM in 2012, allegedly, for making an anti-semitic joke and saying the following sexist remark about Erin Andrews:

Love Erin either naked or in a porn. Not at a sports desk.

  • Got fired from WMEN in 2013 for tweeting a picture of a Florida State University player and offering a thousand dollar bounty to any player that has him “TAKEN OUT”.

And, oh yeah, being an admitted anabolic steroid user.

Let alone the factual inaccuracies about his characterization about my tweet, small inaccuracies like “middle school” not “high school”, and transitioning from having someone blow off their hand for you to Cris Carter advising youngsters to apportion blame …

When you combine his original questionable statement, the truncated/edited clip methodology for rebuttal, and the subsequent Cris Carter tirade, you get a PERFECT picture of what the Dan Sileo Show is all about: being absolutely shitty radio.

Just like his last three gigs.

If the Padres think their best method for getting their message to the consumer is through Dan Sileo, they’re wrong. They need to take a long look at their messenger, and whoever made the decision to put Sileo in that position to begin with.

The Padres and 1090 can do a lot better.


One response to “Padres messenger Dan Sileo advocates for having “a fall guy”, plays edited clip to deny he did

  1. He’s the perfect guy for the Padres. He’s an out of towner who doesn’t know what the hell hes talking about. Those are the only people they want at Petco right?

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