Seals City SD Podcast: Episode 2: The One With Woods

Seals Podcast Meme

In the second edition of the Seals City SD podcast, The Kept Faith’s Nick McCann, Voice of San Diego’s Andy Keatts, and Seals Jagoff meet up at the Pechange Arena’s parking lot to tailgate, prep for the big game versus the Rochester Nighthawks, and then reconvene afterwards to gloat over a glorious victory while welcoming on special guests.

The Agenda:

  1. The Seals’ 1-2 start to the season
  2. We can name a few players on the team now!
  3. Stat of the week: ground balls
  4. Andy teaches some X’s and O’s
  5. Steven Woods
  6. MiserableSDFan
  7. San Diego legend Mike Grace makes his triumphant return to San Diego

In addition to playing the link below, you can also listen to the the podcast .mp3 file at


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