Make Manny Machado El Capitán

I saw a Manny Machado mock up jersey with a gold “C” outlined in brown on the left side of the chest. It looked good. It made sense because this really is Manny’s team. It would be a first for the Padres. No Padre has ever worn the “C” or been designated the team captain. MLB really doesn’t have a broad history of having team captains. And the Padres have never done so.

Look at this beauty

Does Jayce Tingler even need to designate Manny as the captain? The only official duty for a captain is being able to present the line-up pre-game. Any obvious errors pertaining to the line-up can be discussed with the captain or manager. No team in MLB currently has a designated captain.

The Yankees last captain was Derek Jeter in 2014. The Dodgers haven’t had a captain since Davey Lopes in 1979. The Giants captain in ‘84 was Jack Clark. Remember that asshole? How in the hell do you make him a captain? He fucked it up so bad the Giants never had another one again.

Do the Padres really need a captain? Not having one has worked so well so far. What with their zero world championships. No need to mix anything up now. And is Manny the right man for the job? What if Fernando Tatis Junior wants to be captain someday? Manny will be captain hopefully through ‘28. Will Nando wait that long just to be captain through ‘34? Does anyone really give a shit what happens in ‘34?

I do believe the Padres should break with tradition and add a captain. And that captain should be Manny Machado. It’s his team. Watch him walk to the mound. You know who is leading that team right when he gets there. And he’s almost always the first one there. Watch how he has taken Ha-seong Kim under his wing. It must be absolutely wonderful for Kim to have such a Dojun guide him through his rookie MLB season. And you can see Manny beaming with pride as Kim’s play improves and when his moments of brilliance flash. Manny brought the Swagg chain. This is his team.

So sew a “C” on those number 13 uniforms. Let’s start a new tradition this season. Let’s hitch our (band) wagon to that incredible Machado wagon and ride. The Padres are committed to Manny Machado and he is all in with the Padres. Call him El Capitán and follow his liderazgo for years and years to come.


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