This Week In Padres Twitter

I don’t know. I only go to PT for the beer thread.

Oh the beer? It’s fantastic. World class. We drink good beer. I’m currently drinking the flagship IPA from Brash Brewing, thank you very much. We have a fairly large and eclectic collection of suds suckers in the thread and IPAs seem to be the beer of choice. As it should be.

I have seen a ton of trade discussions invade my timeline when I really just want to know if the new Fieldworks taproom is as magical as it looks in pictures (it is). Some idiot suggested trading Jake Cronenworth and Ryan Weathers for Max Scherzer. Yes, trade for Scherzer, let’s Max this rotation out. But don’t overpay twice fold for him.

I have also seen reasonable discussions about improving the roster at the margins. These are my people. When those people discuss beer I end up wasting way too much time on that hellscape. I mean, some fans want to trade Cronenworth. Like no problem, trade the best second baseman in the National League. Oh, and he’s controlled for like the rest of Tatis’ contract, but sure, he goes for a one year rental.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least give a shout out to the Joey Gallo fan club. He would look so good in brown pinstripes. Give up the farm. Anyone and everyone from five down. There isn’t much there, but maybe quantity can do it for Texas. It worked for Chicago. This team needs slugging. I’m looking at you, Wil Myers and Eric Hosmer. When 40 HRs is reasonably expected of the pair and they are at 15 coming into the break, you can assume the offense could use more power.

Adding a starter is one of the better topics I’ll see on the timeline. I am in the camp that believes in adding an innings eating competitor that gives the bullpen a breather and keeps the team in games they can win by out-slugging everyone. The staff is pretty good already. Darvish and Musgrove can pitch against any top two of any playoff team. Snell has the second half to round into shape and Paddack has the same to keep progressing his third pitch, his promising curveball.

Besides trade talk there is quite a bit of soccer talk what with UEFA Euro ‘20, the Olympics and CONCACAF Gold. I like to cheer on the USWNT so I’ll be enjoying the Olympics. I just think women play the beautiful game in the most beautiful way. I’ll probably let the men’s team break my heart again. In the Euro, I have no real rooting interest. The Lybarger’s are from the Palatinate. England did us in. My mom’s side hails some from Spain. Does Sergio Ramos need another fan?

Another fun topic on Twitter – Where did all the podcasts go? Content is plentiful when the team sucks and cynicism is easy. But how many times must we jerk off to Fernando Tatis Jr.? Listen, I’m not going to give you an exact number, but it’s probably much higher than you think. He’s young. And if you get restless use Manny. His defense alone should be a weekly topic for all podcasters. “Can you believe this dude plays for the Padres?” That never gets old. I still barely believe it.

But it is strange the way most content has dried up. There is still plenty to talk about. It’s trade season ferchristsakes. And winning is fun. Podcasters are allowed to talk about the good times too. Have fun. It’s been too long since we had a good team. Enjoy this ride for all it’s worth.

I think the topic most underrated is Eric Gruepner’s wardrobe. I thought AJ Preller needed a makeover but now it might be the entire front office. And it starts at the CEO. The man wears two checked sports jackets. That’s it. That’s his entire office ensemble. Two fall toned jackets when he is photographed most often in summer. Come on Eric, get some light summer suits. Maybe add some color to your spring collection. My advice: get Eric Hosmer to take you shopping. That man can dress. I mean it. Eric Hosmer is the best dressed man in MLB from what I’ve seen. Maybe the Eric’s can get together and make the CEO shine.

And speaking of Eric Hosmer, have you noticed pretty much all of PT has turned completely on Hoz? If he hadn’t brought most of it on himself with that horrible Acee interview a few weeks back, you could almost feel sorry for him. Almost. It’s like the dude gris-gris’d himself. But the vitriol now is loud. And getting angry. I think Hoz broke Twitter for a little while on Sunday. What have I helped create? evilsmile.gif

I have not seen enough Manny Machado love. At least not by the check marked folks. 15 HRs(+) .828(+/-)OPS going into the All Star break, he is now top three in the NL and pushing production numbers for the position. It’s so much fun when Manny gets hot and he has been on fire for a few weeks now. I still believe Manny is the best because his defense is just that good. He has the best arm in the league there. I like having him all to ourselves but I want more for him too. It’s tough. But he deserves more love. Like he should have been an all-star love.

The tweet of the week was a tough one to choose. I liked several great tweets and even bookmarked a couple. And my winner is: Go Pads!


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