What Me Worry?

What was I saying last week? Something about this team getting me concerned or some such nonsense. I must apologize for my faltering belief in the power of the Swagg Chain. The Swagg is all powerful and all knowing of the greatness for which this team is destined. The only thing stronger than chemistry is destiny. It’s beyond science.

This offense is playing like they actually are hungry for more. Even Hosmer is hitting. Hos is so hot for July, Kevin Acee had to fluff him again in his Saturday notes. Hos is slashing .409/.480/.636 for the month. He even hit a home run this weekend. He’s now back on a two homer per month pace. Those 12 he’ll hit this year are HUGE.

Everybody else decided to come out at the start of the second half swinging. Tommy Pham is proving that the gold plated statue commissioned in his likeness for future installation might not be opulent enough. Wil Myers has decided to re-enter the MVP SZN sweepstakes. And Jake Cronenworth now owns the third Padres cycle. Fernando Tatis Junior quietly had 5 hits this weekend. Manny Machado had six. The lineup is seven deep right now. And Austin Nola soon should make it eight.

The starters are stumbling. There I said it. Chris Paddack Blake Snell and Joe Musgrove all had a rough weekend. Yu Darvish and Ryan Weathers are hurt. Yu should be back this week but someone will need to fill in for the fifth spot and I wish that was MacKenzie Gore’s music. He’s in Arizona on double secret lockdown where he is supposedly tweaking his mechanics. I’ve got some shitty and unsolicited advise for everyone concerning Gore: ditch the fucking leg kick already. Do we really need to waste another year of this kid’s career screwing around with his mechanics? Simplify and let his athleticism come through. He should be the one stepping up to help out the rotation.

The real help to the rotation is coming from the bullpen. And they are looking like they are working too hard. The need for at least the majority of the starters to go at least six innings is becoming a glaring issue. Maybe a high leverage arm would be welcome. It certainly won’t hurt. But the real help would come from working less. Jayce Tingler needs to stretch out his starters. Maybe Larry Rothschild needs to bring in a yoga instructor.

One more thing I’m worried about is where AJ Preller will find all the prospect capital to acquire the two starters, one late inning shut down arm and slugging outfielder? Have you looked at the top 30 prospect list? Have you seen the state of the farm? They have enough for probably one item from the above wish list. The extraordinary action during last season’s deadline just can’t happen again this season. Preller is about out of bullets. My money is on an innings eating reliable starter. But even if he can’t land one, I’m not worried about it.


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