It’s Happening!

AJ Preller interrupted my Olympics viewing to pull the trigger on what is probably just his opening move of the trade season. The Padres gave up minor leaguers Tucupita Marcano Michell Miliano, and Jack Suwinski to acquire Adam Frazier of the Pirates. Most likely this will push Jake Cronenworth to first, Eric Hosmer to the bench and Brian O’Grady to El Paso. How ever the playing time works out, the offense was improved fairly significantly.

What did the Padres give up for the upgrade? Honestly, a tweener utility/AAAA guy who’s bat might carry him to an MLB starting role, a minor league reliever, and an okay OFer having a good campaign in AA. Only Tucu is ranked (5 by MLB), (Fangraphs has him at 33 fwiw). The Padres probably maxed out MLB value from those three in this acquisition. Frazier is now a Padre through ‘22.

This is the kind of trade you make every time if you can. Trade some marginal minor leaguers for all-stars. Do this a couple more times and this roster will be unbeatable. Where has this formula been all our lives? AJ Preller really is a genius. He just needs to get Max Scherzer and Craig Kimbrel and they are set. What could it cost, a few prospects that aren’t helping this team this year or next? Done. Build a championship caliber roster. Win a championship caliber World Series.

I admit I have been on the fence about trading. I was worried about chemistry and also believed this team is built to win plenty of games to get in, but also strong enough to win once there. I still believe but can see where a few strong moves makes this team a serious competitor. More production from the ‘pen, rotation and offense will not only add to the win total, but add to the chances of winning a play-in game and some series too.

This is the last week for trading. The deadline is Friday at 1:00 PST. I love that the obvious objective for Preller is to make this roster elite. And he is just two moves away. It could happen at any time. It’s so exciting and yet I am ready for it to be over as well. I’ve read way too many proposals. Seen too many arm chair GMs try to trade away Jake Cronenworth. Everyone seems to want to trade Ryan Weathers. Preller has figured out a better way. Minor leaguers with limited ceilings and no clear path to MLB playing time get traded for all stars. It is so simple. Stick to that brilliant plan, AJ.


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