The Hog Days of Summer

Me, looking unconvinced of this offense.

It’s hot and muggy this summer. You can feel this heat and humidity’s pressure. Pressure that can bind. Or it’s pressure that can disintegrate. What will all this hotness do to the baseball teams competing for a playoff spot? Who is going to handle the extra atmospheric weight and step up and into the limelight? Are our beloved Padres one of the teams that will respond to these conditions and win their way into the playoffs? Playing poorly against lousy teams won’t be a recipe for success. So what has to happen for the Pads to get to the promised land?

Bob Melvin was hired away from the Oakland A’s for just this situation. It’s time he starts earning his paycheck, chief. There are only 38 games left in the season. Maybe Melvin can quit saying dumb shit like “we have a long way to go.” or “there’s a lot of games left.” Because there is not. This is it. We have seven weeks left, with seven off days sprinkled in. It’s the dog days and we are going to see if this team can hunt.

Melvin and his coaches must find out what makes this offense tick. And then get it doing so every night. Every at bat. It’s time to tune this offense. So far this offense has only shown it is good at being inconsistent. They just split a four game series against the worst team in the NL and were out scored 8-11. I know why the Hog Watch screams.

Whatever is ailing this anemic offense needs to get figured out and the remedy applied quick. There are only a few weeks left and tinkering with at bat approaches could spell disastrous almost equally as well as beneficial. It’s way beyond time for hitting coach Michael Brdar to earn his paycheck. It seems the only team applying cheat codes to at bats these days are the dodgers. They just destroyed Sandy Alcantara. The Padres looked pedestrian against him. Whatever Brdar is doing ain’t working. Just more feed for the hog, I guess.

The Padres have only five games this week. Two at home with the Guardians, and then out to Kansas City for three with the Royals. They’ve got to win both series. There are only 13 series remaking for the entire season. He’ll, they need to win them all. They are 7-1/2 games behind the Braves for the first wild card. By the way, that’s the wild card that gets a three game series at home for the first round of the playoffs. Kind of a big deal. The Padres need to be a big deal. No time to roll around in the muck and mud. The Padres need to go hog wild.

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