What Are We Doing?

Wil Myers everybody

The Padres are struggling to remain in the playoff hunt and Wil Myers is pitching. That’s how it’s going. That’s how I’m doing with my fandom. Wil Myers throwing 69mph “fastballs” in a playoff race. I’m not mad at Wil. No, far from it. He had a good weekend clubbing two opposite field home runs. He should probably be starting in left field over Jurickson Profar right now. Profar is probably no longer in consideration for MVP, in case you haven’t notice. Kind of like the Padres probably are no longer in contention to win the NL West.

So what are we doing? Are we going to watch the Padres collapse again? They went 2-3 this last week. 2-3 and had two days off. They get five more off days in the last month plus of the season. The time off should allow them to rest and make their best effort to win games, win series. Good luck. They go to San Francisco and Los Angeles this week. Pads are looking at a 1-5 record this week. Did I say week? I meant weak.

Somehow this team is weak. They just don’t have the fight in them to rise to the upper echelons of the league. They’re mid. They think they are good enough to show up, look good, and be handed a victory. But much like Sean Manaea yesterday, showing up with your jersey unbuttoned four buttons deep, with long hair flowing, thinking you are all that. Then you get your ass kicked. You look like a poser. Wannabe TOR dude, but pitching like just a guy. Cut your hair, Sean. You look stupid pitching like a five with your long locks flowing when nothing else is. And button your jersey. Come on man. You can’t act like you are all that and then just shit the bed the entire second half of the season. What are you doing?

The big question for me this week is; what are the Padres doing with Josh Hader? They can’t give him the ball anymore. You can’t count on Wil Myers bailing him out every appearance. Does he need to go on the IL? Is he dealing with some injury that the team has not disclosed? Does he need to be sent down to El Paso and sort things out. He has options so a two week stint with the Chihuahuas might be necessary. I mean, El Paso is hellish in late August/early September so it would be a penance and punishment too. Kind of harsh if you ask me. Ruben Niebla needs to earn his paycheck, chief. And fast. Or what is he even doing?

You know who we don’t ever have to ask “what is he doing?” Manny Machado. It is truly a treat to watch him play baseball. He’s slashing .340/.400/.631 for August. He knows what he is doing. The Padres offense on the whole has been good in August. Of the active players, only Profar, Josh Bell and Brandon Drury have a wRC+ below 120 during August. All that offense and the Padres can only win half of their games in August. 13-13 so far. They just don’t feel like a playoff team. Limping along and getting swept out the first round feels inevitable. “Yay, we made the playoffs!” But that’s all they’re doing, making the playoffs. Not winning in the playoffs is all this team seems capable of achieving right now. The Padres will draw three million fans this season and not have a home playoff game. What are they doing?


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