Trying To Not Get Too Low

Walk off Jake is the best Jake

The Padres are never going to beat LA. The dodgers are too good. It’s best for everyone to just accept this and move on. Sure, the Padres can win a walk-off in extras on a Friday, but the squad was soundly beaten both Saturday and Sunday. The team from just up the 5 is on another level this season. But losing two of three doesn’t mean the Padres are bad. It caps a slightly disappointing 3-3 week. They played not too bad, but not too good. They sit 2 games ahead of the Brewers for the last playoff spot. With 21 games left in the regular season, the playoffs are in reach. They face a red hot Mariners club for two and then the second half surging Diamondbacks for four.

It’s easy to get down on this team. Last season has me on edge waiting for the other shoe to drop. The offense is sputtering and everyone not named Yu Darvish can’t string a few decent starts together. Last season fooled me so bad and I just don’t know if I can go through that again. So I try to remain even keeled and take the season week by week. If they play good baseball for three weeks it’s playoff time. Anything can happen once they get in them. A few players get hot and carry the team to the Series. Or they can continue to meander and the Brewers pass them and I write a 2,000 word dissertation on why AJ Preller needs to be fired. I really don’t want to write that. Again.

But let’s focus on this week. It’s Vedder Cup season. The most prestigious award going to the winner of the natural rival’s series. The Mariners hold a 2-0 advantage so the Padres can only tie, but since they are the reigning champions they will retain the cup! Such excitement in the middle of a playoff hunt! I’m fully expecting a sweep by the Padres and look forward to Manny Machado and his teammates hoisting that cup high. My favorite part about the Vedder Cup is that Eddie Vedder is a Cubs fan so could really give two shits about the mythical matchup. Long live the Vedder Cup!

The Vedder Cup courtesy @leftcoastbias

The week ends in Phoenix against the D-Backs. A four game series where the Padres have a great opportunity to put some distance between them and the Brewers. The Brewers roster so many ex-Padres so you know they are well trained in epic collapses. The Padres just need to play sound ball and let Eric Lauer and friends do what they do best.

I’m putting that weekend series behind me. You can’t let Wil Myers closing out games get you down. You have to stay positive knowing this is a good team and it is capable of playing very good baseball. Bob Melvin has to dust off AJ Preller after throwing him under the bus last week, and show his little buddy he can manage without analytics. Who needs data? We have advanced advanced scouting (you see, the scouts are all old). We’re winning with old school ways. Bob is going to break out some Saucony high tops and do some major butt kicking of everyone in the Padres path.


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