Did I Say 1-5? I Meant 4-2

Photo by True Blue LA

The Padres went 6-3 on their last road trip. Winning six out of nine is nice, and a long way from where I said they’d go 3-6 after losing five of six to the dodgers and Giants. They are playing better offense and getting decent pitching from three of their five starters but maybe what really is at work is my reverse jinx. You see, jinxes are real. Curses are malarkey, but a good jinx, or sometimes the difficult but ultimately satisfying reverse jinx is just what a team needs to get on track. So you are welcome everybody.

The Padres are in their last month of regular season baseball. Just 27 games, nine series, remain. They sit 13 games over .500 at 74-61. They probably need to win 16 games or so to secure the second seed. Most likely the third see will play a three game series against the Cardinals in St Louis. The second seed will play their series in Atlanta or New York against the Braves or Mets, depending on who wins the NL East. Catching the dodgers would take a miracle even a jinx can’t produce. Getting to the first seed is also an order or magnitude beyond what a reverse jinx can accomplish. It’s probably best to hold onto them for the first series. You have to be careful with a jinx. You start throwing those things around haphazardly and the next thing you know you are cursed.

This is another big week for the Padres. Every week is a big week, but the Padres are at home this week and can put some distance on the other wild card contenders with a good showing. They host the dodgers this weekend. It’s time to win a series. Sean Manaea is scheduled to throw on Friday. Bob Melvin can skip his turn as the Padres are off on Thursday and Mike Clevinger can take his spot on four days rest. Blake Snell and Yu Darvish would follow and also be pitching on four days rest. Manaea can be pushed back to start up in Seattle against the Mariners. Maybe giving Manaea a week off will give him some time to reset. Maybe he needs some work with pitching coach Ruben Niebla to regain his early season form. Something has to change. He can’t continue his second half ways that has seen him put up an 8.36 ERA. He has given up 12 home runs in just 37-2/3 IP. Someone needs to take this second half jinx off him.

The Padres can break their streak of missing the playoffs (not counting the 60 game season, as that obviously was not a real baseball season) since 2006. Sixteen years without a postseason is long enough. It’s time to cast aside any thought of a San Diego curse, or believing jinxes are real. The only thing real is results. The Padres have the opportunity to break from silly notions and put themselves into the playoffs. It starts this week. It starts by beating the Diamondbacks today. Go Padres.


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