Q&A: Why I’m Joining Gwynntelligence

To kick-off Gwynntelligence, I decided that it would be good to answer a few questions that may come up in the immediate future

Q: Why is this place named Gwynntelligence?

A: I’m very excited to join forces with Padres Jagoff, and think we’ll produce both a) thought-provoking, analysis-driven pieces and b) laugh-inducing pieces involving fake Padres news, pop culture references, and a whole lot of Microsoft Paint. In that sense, naming the blog Gwynntelligence sorta captures the essence of Tony Gwynn’s character: a great baseball brain with a unique laugh/smile. Come to think of it, though, any (positive) pun involving the late, great Tony Gwynn shouldn’t require an explanation anyway. Just be glad it’s not called Change the Jagoff or Padres Padres, which came in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, when I conducted a poll in my head while showering the other day.

Q: Change the Padres and Padres Jagoff joining forces? Why in the world?

A: It would be both boring and over-saturation of the complaint market if I teamed up with someone who came from the same perspective as myself. Truthfully, I think we compliment one another quite nicely: he actually attends games, his posts are more lighthearted than mine, we disagree on some baseball-related stuff without getting into fisticuffs, and we’re even both named David! Besides, being a Padres fan is so frustrating that I actually find it therapeutic to read a Padres blog where MS Paint dongs are seen protruding from Yasiel Puig’s bicycle carriage. Why not have that be my blog, too? I think it’ll be a good marriage.

Q: A “serious” boycott or MS Paint dongs. Which one gets toned down?

A: Neither. We both have full editorial control over our own content, which was basically a non-sequitur for either of us to participate. I’m sure I’ll imply Ron Fowler is the devil somewhere along the line and I’m sure that the Jagoff will continue splooging on Tulo’s face. That’s what we both signed up for. I think you’ll see our opinions clash constructively on a consistent basis.

Q: Side question. I see that there are currently two menus to select at the top: ‘home’ and ‘the podcast’. There’s going to be a podcast?

A: Yes. It will be awesome.


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