We Have Like Barely Any Home Games Left


I don’t know if Tom Werner was already installed as shadow commissioner but someone in the MLB offices has royally boned the Padres with their remaining home schedule.  I was sitting down the other day to figure out what games I’m going to go the rest of the season.  I mean, there’s only 2 months of baseball left, the weather is great, the nights are warm, and the Padres are playing their traditional 2nd half be-satisfied-with-this-roster-next-season great baseball.  I was APPALLED to see that there are only 2 weekend series’ left.  Yes, 8 weeks of baseball and only 2 weekend series.  Let’s say for the sake of argument that the Padres are in a pennant race.  It is so skewed against them that they are away so much in the most important part of the season.  And more importantly, MY baseball watching schedule is now totally ruined.  And I’m going to Cabo for Labor Day so scratch FIFTY PERCENT of the remaining weekend games.

I know the schedule is one of those things that’s out of the Padres control, but really, isn’t it That’s So Padres (TM) that the last two months’ schedule is so awful for home fans to see their team?

For reference, all we’ve got for weekend games is a series Labor Day weekend vs. the stupid Dodgers and a Sept. 19-21 series vs. the zilchy Giants.  That’s it.



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