Padrémon: The Everth-lution (Cards 4-6)

Padrémon Photo

Welcome back to Padrémon, where your favorite and least favorite Padres are transformed into a Pokémon. Rather, a Padrémon.

Last week, the series was introduced, so if you’d like further background or to see those Padrémon, go ahead!

Onto this week’s post! Introducing the first full Padrémon evolution: Everth-lution.

Hey, this guy could end up useful


While not entirely useful on its own, if this is the first Padrémon in the evolution, I’m interested in seeing what’s to come.

Interesting. Where does he go from here?


Although weak to urine tests, I mean water Pokémon, Roiderth is still a solid Padrémon. For now.



Okay, so this isn’t entirely like Everth’s real career: this is actually still a pretty good Padrémon, post-Roiderth. I can only imagine the pain of sitting across from Fatcabby as his Padrémon Master attacks with ‘Scott Boras Whisper’, poisoning and damaging my precious Deer Dresser. Why the hell did I evolve my Rizzo again?!?!?


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