Darren Smith on tanking, the Padres front office, and how the Padres own the media

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The “agenda” with the Mighty 1090’s Darren Smith:

  1. “The Fuckin’ Saw”
  2. Darren’s interview with Jed Hoyer
  3. The Padres should go #FullLuhnow
  4. Why did Jed leave?
  5. Team transparency and openness over the years
  6. Is the Golden Age of Padres Podcasts a response to the Padres owning the media?
  7. The Padres have never truly rebuilt
  8. What would it take to get Mike Dee fired?
  9. Ron Fowler is gone after 2017
  10. Pat Murphy’s final interview

In addition to playing the link below, you can also listen to the the podcast .mp3 file at archive.org.


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4 responses to “Darren Smith on tanking, the Padres front office, and how the Padres own the media

  1. Hey dudes, great job on the podcast. first time listening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Got Darren to talk about some really good stuff. Being a journalism student, I enjoyed the discussion about San Diego’s sports media.

    One point: While it was emphasized there is only one true radio and print outlet for sports in Am1090 and the U-T, wouldn’t that give the Padres narrative less power if the journalists did their job? I understand the fewer outlets, the easier they are to control, but if Lin or Sanders were more open about the restricted access to the club or pushed tougher questions, the controlled narrative would be more obvious. The Padres wouldn’t be able to say, “well fuck the U-T, we’re going to give access/exclusives to this other outlet,” because there isn’t anywhere to go. Maybe they could tell the U-T “we don’t want to talk to Sanders or Lin anymore,” but if they got fired/replaced, it would be a blatant obstruction of free press on their part and I would hope the online Padres community would get fired up. That’s my ideal, naive thinking but it makes sense to me.


    • Good points and glad you enjoyed the podcast.

      I don’t have access to the Padres’ media share nor our traditional media numbers, but I’d venture that reaction would only accelerate the Padres’ current push towards “state-controlled” media. More Padres content on padres.com, more spots on Fox SD, and so on.

      The buoyancy point is to avoid mutual destruction – restricted access for the UT and less exposure for the Padres – but I agree that, right now, the media position is a lot closer to being in the Padres’ favor than it is being at that buoyant level.

      One side-note is that there are dollars for journalists at play: Bill Center was recently hired by the Padres. I don’t suspect that goes unnoticed by other writers at the UT.

      At any rate, welcome, and I hope you find our coverage as an adequate way to fill the current void.


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