Let’s All Make A Big Deal About the Stupid Yankees!

So the Yankees are in town.  Great.  As a season ticket holder, I was mildly peeved that the Padres greedily moved my normal Saturday night game to Sunday, even though I chose the package specifically because I like going to Saturday night games.  C’est la vie, right pals?  I’m not even sure I would have gone though regardless.  I mean, I ended up trading my Sunday Yankees game tickets for some random weekend game, probably so I could get the free Padres luchador mask (which will be awesome).  Who wants to be in a stadium with 35,000 blowhard, awful, husky Yankees fans that smell like farts and like to sniff their own farts?  I certainly don’t.  I don’t even get the big deal.  So they are the Yankees, so what?  The Giants and Marlins have been more successful in recent years World Series title wise than the stupid Yankees.  Count me out of this series, although I’ll almost definitely watch on TV. 

On another note, my season ticket invoice came to my house yesterday and ticket prices stayed the same.  Also they are now offering “concession discounts” next season.  Will this be paired with a 10% increase in beer prices next season which will be offset by my 10% “concession discount”? 

For now, noted competitive eater CC Sabathia is pitching for the stupid Yankees.  Here is with a rubber donger being flung his way:


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