Padres Jagoff is back for 2014! Clayton Kershaw’s New Contract – Padres Arch Nemesis

After a long offseason hiatus, Padres Jagoff is back and ready for 2014.  Now that I have a newborn baby and am taking some time off work, I’ll have a little time to work on some blog projects.  Stay tuned for hopefully a Better Know Your Blogger segment, some spring training coverage, and oh so many MS Paint dongs.  It should be noted that today’s post was drawn with a 6 day old baby girl in my lap (who will be at opening day), she will be very proud someday of her dad.

I think I now know who the Padres’ arch nemesis will be for the next few years.  None other than new hundred millionaire Clayton Kershaw who the Padres will now have to face for years to come.  It looks like he can afford the better things in life, as captured in the below exclusive photo:


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